The alcoholic may seem to be the only one who rejects a binary proposition; after all, one is either an alcoholic or one is not; nevertheless, the proponent of a betting system likewise rejects the notion of a binary proposition.

Proposition: The House Edge does exist, and for the vast majority of players, it will ultimately have an impact on their real outcomes. Of course, in terms of theoretical findings, it is always important to remember this.

I’m not sure what kind of denial the alcoholic would have to be involved in to reject reality to the degree that a betting systems advocate denies reality. A long draw directly from the handle of Southern Comfort in full front of a whole audience and immediately thereafter proclaiming, “I have never had a drink in my entire life” would be the equivalent of saying, “I have never had a drink in my entire life.”

I passed over the section titled, “Receipt of Bad News,” since the proponent of gambling systems was already fully aware of the “Bad News” (the House Edge), or at the very least had a general understanding of it, before engaging in gambling in the first place.


Following up on our previous discussion of the middle, proponents of betting systems find themselves in an unusual kind of middle.

I conducted an informal survey of twenty individuals who had never visited a casino before, asking them: “If you went to a casino and played a game, who would have the advantage: you or the casino?” The results were surprising.

The casino would have a distinct edge, according to all twenty of the participants! Can you fathom what I’m talking about? Mathematicians who specialize in gambling would respond in the same manner. What a wealth of knowledge these non-gamblers possess!

Numerous betting systems supporters have spent more time playing or researching gambling than individuals who have never visited a casino, but less time than people who are gambling specialists of one kind or another…yet they seem to know less about gambling than either of these two groups.

A person’s understanding of gambling does not necessarily imply that they know where to place their chips in order to make a certain wager. It just indicates that you are familiar with the physical mechanics of gambling. According to the same criteria, a preschooler who knows how to place the square into the square-shaped hole is considered to be a gambler.


In this part, I don’t want to get too personal, but if you do have anger, I’d want to know who you’re furious with.

If you have lost money gambling in the past and have now adopted betting methods, you should not be resentful of the casinos. Do you remember them putting a pistol to your head and forcing you to go in? Have you ever been abducted and forced to go to a casino? Do you need assistance?

It is important not to be upset with yourself because you have lost. The expectation is that players will lose money at casinos, at least in the long run…sort of essential to the economic model of the establishment.

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