Dragon Horn, Thunderkick’s upcoming slot machine with a fantasy-based theme, will be available very soon.

The fantasy genre has been there since far before the invention of slots games, let alone online slots, but it hasn’t stopped people from enjoying it to this day. Because there is something about a world that is replete with magic, elves, orcs, chivalry, and dragons that some people just can’t get enough of, the development team at Thunderstruck has thoughtfully designed a title that has all of those components in substantial amounts. The name of the game in question is Dragon Horn, and it is expected to become available to play at gambling establishments on Wednesday, May 8th.

The setting of Dragon Horn’s story

The video slot machine known as Dragon Horn has five reels and offers players 243 different possibilities to win with each and every spin of the reels. The reels are set against the backdrop of a fantasy world, and the symbols include a variety of shields, a Dragon Horn scatter symbol, a secret Dragon Fire sign that serves as a wild, and a number of various fantasy figures, including the Dragon that serves as the game’s namesake.

All of the symbols are drawn in a charming comic book style, and many of them are enhanced even further by outstanding animation at significant times. The fact that the background environment shifts multiple times as you make your way through the game is another excellent detail that contributes to the impression that you are actually traveling through the world that is being portrayed in the game.

Dragon Horn not only has a terrific main game that is well worth playing for its own sake, but it also has a fantastic Free Spins feature that takes it to an entirely new level. The main game is superb and would be well worth playing for its own alone.

Wonderful Opportunity to Win Free Spins

If you land three or more of the Dragon Horn scatter symbols anywhere on the reels at the same time, you will activate a bonus game that awards free spins. Additionally, if you collect more scatter symbols throughout this level, you will progressively fill up a Dragon Horn meter, and you will also get an additional free spin for each scatter symbol that you acquire at the same time.

If you get three scatters in the meter, you will go to the next level of the bonus game, which means that one of the Shield symbols will transform into a Dragon Fire symbol and remain in that state for the duration of the free spins that are still available to you.

Get Ready to Make the Dragon Horn Sound!

In light of the fact that the winged star of the new Dragon Horn game has already begun circling in the skies as it gets ready to touch down, it would be well to mark the arrival date of the game in your calendar. Pay a visit to LeoVegas to get your feet wet before the exciting journey that lies ahead of you, and best of luck!

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